'Ashi no nemaki' Double-layered Socks

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Gluck und Gute's classic 'Ashi no nemaki' socks are designed to be worn at bedtime. It's important to relieve your feet of the pressure and warmth from shoes and socks while resting or sleeping. We've designed these socks with ample space to ensure your toes can move freely inside.

The inner yarn, made from organic cotton, is traditionally dyed with natural colors from Rakuyo Dye. However, for this season's new colors, we're using yarn dyed with materials sourced from food loss (food waste resulting from mass production and consumption, including unsold and expired products) to contribute to a more sustainable society. Below, we've detailed the specific food sources used for each color, so please enjoy this unique aspect as well.

(White) Organic cotton (inside) / Blueberry: Blueberry cultivation is carefurry curated from the initial soil preparetion to the final stage of harvest.Blueberries that are damaged during harvesting or are irregularly shaped,are then used for dyeing.

(Ginger) Organic cotton (inside) / Ginger: Ginger is a flowering plant widely used as a spice. It helps improve blood circulation and Unused parts are used for dyeing.

(Ski blue) Organic cotton (inside) / Red turnip: The Red Turnip is famous vegetable natieve to the Kiso town of Japan. The color extracted from this vegetable is unexpected,beautiful Blue. The Excess red turnips,left befind when making sunki pickles from red turnip leaves,are used for dyeing.

(Dark orenge)Organic cotton (inside)/ Rooibos: Rooibos is known for its numerous health benefits,especially for skin and hair.The Leaves of Rooibos are imported from South Africa and carefully inspected in Japan.The ones that do not meet the specifications are then used for dyeing.

(Charcoal gray)Organic cotton (inside)/ Senburi(Swetia japonica): Senburi is a biennial harb that is native all over Japan.It has been used as folk medicine to treat indegestion,nausea and anorexia.Senburi after extraction is used for dyeing.

inner/ 100%  Cotton (Organic cotton)
outer/ 100% Wool (New Zealand Merino)
under thread/Polyester polyurethane
Unisex, Free Size
Manufactured in Nara Prefecture Japan

International orders are exempt from consumption tax.

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